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10 SEO Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Google Ranking

For small business owners like yourself, looking to be found in a competitive industry that you’re in, Search Engine Optimization is the best way of taking the fight to the big boys. If your website is on top of the search engine, more people will see you.

But if your website isn’t ranking in Google despite all your efforts, it could be frustrating, and a waste of time and money. Small businesses usually commit serious SEO mistakes due to the tremendous amount of information online and lack of expertise and knowledge in the industry.

Make sure your site is not making these SEO mistakes, otherwise it will be harder for your website to achieve results.

SEO Mistake #1 – Websites that don’t have SSL.

If you are not familiar with an SSL, it’s located on the top left of a URL, basically stating that your website is secure for people to come. Every website needs to be migrated from HTTP to HTTPS. If it’s not, Google is going to decrease the value of your website because it’s less trustworthy and people don’t feel safe on your website. One way to easily fix this is by contacting your registrar for install or you can use a WordPress plugin to get this done for you.

SEO Mistake #2 – Not having enough words on a page.

Try to use more than 1500 words. A lot of service pages are short with 300 words and generally, it’s just not enough content for somebody to stay on your page for it to rank. Use good transition words like furthermore, likewise, in fact, for instance, etc. Transition words increase your writing creativity and get you to write more content on your page. Another great way to add relevant content to your website or page is adding an FAQ. All of your pages should have an FAQ because that is something that your visitors are going to take their time looking at and could increase your user experience.

SEO Mistake #3 – Not using long tail keywords.

According to Hubspot, 50% of Google searches are four words or more. There are two free tools you can use to research long tail keywords. One is Google Suggest, browse into Google and start typing in something, and then go down to the bottom and you’ll find a bunch of suggested keywords. The other tools are Uber Suggest and Longtail Pro which scrape data from Google Suggest so it’s actually the same information being shown but way more extensive and suggestive tool than Google Suggest. To fix these SEO mistakes, use more long tail keywords in your content but don’t over-optimize it. Just sprinkled in these keywords through your content and you’ll start ranking and converting more prospects into customers.

SEO Mistake #4 – Not embedding videos in your content.

Video increases user experience. If somebody comes to your website and you have a video as opposed to somebody who doesn’t have a video, for your website, they stick around for 10 minutes. For somebody else’s website, they stick around for 40. Obviously, the website that is getting 10-minute dwell time is going to rank higher on Google. The longer dwell time perceives in higher rankings. So Don’t make these rookie SEO mistakes, use videos in your content, it’s a great way to improve user experience and your branding.

SEO Mistake #5 – Not using infographics.

People love hanging out on a website and seeing visual aspects of information they are searching for. Since infographics use both image and text, they are incredibly helpful for keeping the attention of the readers, boosting visual communication and building brand awareness.

SEO Mistake #6 – Not linking to appropriate sites.

This is one of the most common SEO mistakes of many small businesses. Effective link building strategies can significantly increase your chances of ranking well. Every page that you create should have at least 10 outbound links. If you are writing content about your niche, link out to niche-related websites or authority sites. When you are linking out to authority properties, the search engines give you a sign of relevance of authority and trustworthiness just by an association of what you’re talking about.

SEO Mistake #7 – Not having a clickbait title.

Clickbait title is the headline used for website’s hyperlink or article to entice a visitor to click the link or continue reading the content. You can use words like free, fast, how-to, shocking, amazing, unbelievable, etc. When done right, this technique is very effective in getting your target audience to give you their most precious attention. The higher the click-through rate, the better your rankings in Google.

SEO Mistake #8 – Not doing conversion tracking.

Conversion tracking is crucial in optimizing your SEM campaigns. If you are not paying attention to your analytics or where you are getting your conversions from, it will be hard to assign value to your marketing effort. In addition, conversion tracking helps in determining your ROI, keyword effectiveness, tracking data and monitor which sources are good or not.

SEO Mistake #9 – Slow page load time.

Page speed impacts both website ranking and user experience. Your host, images, embedded media, apps, browser, ads, widgets, theme and HTML/CSS are the primary factors that you need to focus on in order to improve your page speed. If your site is taking too long to load, your audience gets frustrated and Google’s crawlers may be as well, resulting in a negative impact on your ranking.

SEO Mistake #10 – Only focusing on one channel.

You need to pick 3 or more networks to expand your marketing reach. If you are just focusing on one platform or channel, you’re not getting the extra potential to be able to cross promote your brand or website, repurpose your content and create networks in other places.

In SEO, it’s very important to get your priorities straight and figure out what’s important for your business to focus on instead of focusing with things which may never end up helping you in the long run. Nobody ends up having time to do everything. Focus on your priorities and try to avoid making these SEO mistakes.

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