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2019 SEO Trends Business Owners Can’t Afford To Ignore

To be on top of your competitors and ensure that your business is on the right track, knowing the upcoming SEO trends is a must. This 2019, Google buzzed the online world with new updates and trends. As a result, marketers, and companies are expected to go in this direction and build new strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important tool in business as it generates traffic, engagement, and conversion. It is unquestionably a medium that can increase a website’s overall searchability and visibility. Aside from this, SEO ought extra solid values regardless of the business size or business industry.

Quality SEO and a high-quality website get users to perform exchange or engagement. Take note that if your brand made it to Google search engine, it means that you created a high-quality SEO content and you followed their rules. Google owns about 75 percent of the overall search market and also happens to be the most popular email provider in the world. Placing your brand on Google is putting it in the right place.

This 2019, there are SEO trends business owners cannot afford to ignore. Aside from Google, there are plenty of SEO trends this year that can be optimized and followed to increase overall searchability and visibility. Like fashion trends, SEO trends are also important to follow because they are based on research and customers experiences. Since the tech world is evolving and updating, SEO trends are also producing the same.


Video is still one of the SEO trend this 2019. Digital experience is more engaging using videos. Research says that video is still on top of effective digital marketing because the average of customers pays attention to videos rather than text. What makes a video more effective is when it creates entertainment while providing non-overwhelming information about the product at the same time.

Live Videos

Live videos create bondage between the customer and the seller. Since its platform is to use live selling and live demonstration of the product, it helps connect to the customers on an emotional level. It can provide them the security and the product trust they needed in order for them to engage in buying. Live videos can also increase brand loyalty each time a customer sees live demos of the product.


Chatbots is an SEO tool that is very helpful for businesses that cannot reply to their customers immediately due to increasing inquiries and differences in time zone. This SEO tool can help customers feel that they are prioritized, heard, and special because someone instantly replies to their concern or inquiry. AI-based conversational agents are behind these Chatbots. They are personalized intelligence based accordingly to the information and what the company provides. They are also like real human talking because they have a sense of humor and sarcasm at the same time.

Voice Search

According to Google, 20% of search engine inquiries are voice searches. Voice search is very much easier to perform than typing. It is also estimated that in the coming years, people will perform voice searches more than manual typing because of the AI rapid development such as Alexa and Siri. These AI are catching up on the human-level smartness and adapting different tones. Keep in mind that your SEO strategy must be voice search friendly in order to land to top search. To begin, start by focusing your keywords to be more conversational with longer text rather than plain written ones.


Last year, Google has developed a new algorithm emphasizing that they will review data and displays and reward those websites that provide high-quality content and user search intent. Certainly, exceptional content is still on the list of the SEO trends that everyone should expect in 2019. For instance, publishers must focus on producing content that is not only relevant but also provides a solution to the problem that people have.

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