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4 Digital Marketing Strategies for Businesses in Berwick

The digital marketing competition just got tougher for businesses in Berwick, Pakenham, and the surrounding suburbs. Business is becoming more digital and those who can’t keep up ultimately get left behind.  

What should your small business be doing to get its own rightful share of the market? What should your digital marketing strategies look like to unlock growth and fight off stiff competition in today’s business world?

For your small business on a tight budget, these five effective digital marketing strategies will prove very valuable.

1. Approach SEO with your eyes and heart on local

Digital Marketing Berwick

We’ve discussed why you should be doing local SEO on several occasions.

As you know, the numbers keep rising when you look at the people searching the internet for services and products offered by businesses in their neighbourhoods.

Businesses in Pakenham, Berwick, and the environs have most of their customers and clients already in their neighbourhood. Getting your share of this huge local market will however depend on your visibility. So, while planning your next digital marketing strategies, consider going local with your SEO.

2. Leverage the power of social media

According to Statista, the number of people on social media in 2017 was about 2.47 billion. This 2019, it’s expected to increase further to 2.77 billion people. If you don’t know, a great majority of your clients are already here and what better way to get them than socialise with them?

Fortunately, you can get better at social media targeting customers within your geographical and demographic audience. Businesses in Berwick, Clyde, Officer, Drouin, and the suburbs will find social media marketing as one of the most effective and least expensive among their digital marketing strategies.

3. Optimise your website for mobile

If you’ve been following us, we’ve discussed at a time some tips to help you optimise your website for mobile. This is quite important since most people who search the web do it from mobile devices.

You want your website laid out neatly and beautifully on these devices. You want the websites to load as quickly as possible and as easily navigable as you can get.

A vast majority of your traffic will come from mobile devices. It doesn’t make sense if you continue losing potential customers to the unorganised and complex layout of your website.

4. Consider Paid Advertising

Although you’ll want to cut costs to increase profits, you’ll still have to make some investments.

It’s no denying that PPC advertising can be complex and intimidating. However, getting experienced digital marketing experts to handle this area of your digital marketing strategies will do you a lot of good.

By targeting the right audience and planning the whole thing properly, you’ll be getting a great shot at improving your business revenue and brand awareness with a single shot.

Final notes

Assembling an in-house team to design and implement digital marketing strategies is usually difficult for businesses in Pakenham, Berwick, and the surrounding areas.

That is still not enough an excuse or justification to leave your digital marketing campaign neglected.

Here at Ameriam Marketing, we are fully committed to helping businesses realise their potential and growth through proven and time-tested effective marketing strategies. You can also count on us to help you tap into your potential as well. We’ll be more than glad to help you pave the way for revolutionary growth and awareness.

Contact us today so we can discuss how to bring your business to your customers!

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