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5 Link Building Strategies for 2019

Truth is link building is not what it used to be.

Gone are those days when backlinks could easily and solely catapult your website to the top of search engines. Although it may not hold the same level of relevancy like it once did, it definitely will still be a very important part of your SEO and digital marketing campaign.

As of today, your small business will still need to build links not just to boost your SEO campaign but also to drive in considerable traffic as well.

But link building for small businesses is hard
You probably don’t have a dedicated in-house SEO team. You also have to operate within a tight budget limit and, time is probably another luxury you really don’t have as much. And because you’re still small, it often is very difficult to attract the big brands.

But you can do it because – well, you can do it!
So, if you’re looking into link building because of the potential this has for your business’s digital marketing and ultimate growth, these are five strategies you may have to look into.

Link Building

1. Connect with bloggers in your niche or locality

You mostly like know the most popular bloggers in your niche or your city. If you don’t, you can always do with a little research. They are influential in your chosen niche and are looked upon by their audience for valuable content. You can reach out to them and get them to help with your link building goals.

2. Consider supporting your local community

This works best if you’re running a local business. You can always find charities and organizations in need of your sponsorship within your community. Reaching out to these groups can also help you earn more valuable links. You want these links to also generate more traffic and this particular strategy can greatly help with this although it will require monetary commitment.

3. Run scholarships for valuable .edu links

You probably know how juicy those .edu backlinks can be. Running a college or high school scholarship offers you this on a silver platter. However, you’ll still want this to be relevant in some way to your business or industry. This will also need considerable monetary commitment as well. You may want to set a budget aside for that because this actually works effectively.

4. Guest posting for relevant websites in your niche

You probably would have heard this on multiple occasions and that’s perhaps because it really works. However, you’ll still need to put in considerable time and effort. You’ll need to find out sites that can accept your post, contact the site’s editor, brainstorm a really compelling topic, and pitch your offer in a persuasive way. You see this is a whole lot of work to do, but it actually works. Here are some more examples of guest posting.

5. Reclaim mentions without links

So, this is perhaps the easiest of all five strategies so far. You can set up Google Alerts for your brand so you know every time your business name is mentioned anywhere, and perhaps the name of a prominent member of your management team. Each time this is done without a link to your official business website, you can always reach out to people on the other end to include the link. They most likely would do since they thought it worthwhile already to mention you.

Final thoughts

You also need to promote your content. You probably have some amazing content already on your website. You can look into the social media and other sites like Medium, LinkedIn, etc for content syndication. These sites are likely to rank for keywords more than you are. You can easily use this for your advantage.

Link building offers your business several benefits. Most important among these include boosting your rank on search engines and driving in significant web traffic.

Most small businesses have limited time and budget among other issues they have to contend with. Outsourcing your link building and other digital marketing strategies, in this case, makes absolute sense.

Here at Ameriam Marketing, we leverage our extensive knowledge and the robust experience of our dedicated marketing team to help you achieve your sales and growth goals.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to make a real difference in 2019, and we can discuss better ways to help you grow your business.

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