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7 Tips to Help Optimise for Mobile SEO

If your website is not yet optimised for mobile SEO users, perhaps you’ll want to do after seeing the stats below;

More and more people are accessing the internet through mobile phones, tablets than they are doing on desktop computers.

If these groups of prospective customers are finding it difficult to find their way around your website, you definitely need to take action and –right now!

So, here are 7 valuable tips to help you with your mobile SEO;

First, optimise your website for mobile seo

That is just reiterating how important this really is.

If not, at least get a mobile-optimised version of your website. So, why do I think this is highly important? First, most customers would almost immediately abandon your website after they’ve landed on your unorganised website. Secondly, your competitors probably already have their websites optimised so why continue to deprive yourself of a share of the market that’s rightly yours?

Secondly, go for a responsive design

You can go for a responsive design if you’re to develop your mobile seo presence.

Although this is just one of three options you have, the other being dynamic serving and dedicated mobile seo website. Google recommends using a responsive design. This hosts your content on a single URL and makes indexing your website much easier.

Mobile Optimisation

Thirdly, ensure you redirect properly

Perhaps you would be using a separate website for mobile, be sure the desktop page redirects users to the equivalent mobile page. If you don’t have one, consider creating it.

Fourthly, design your layout to match searcher intent

There’s a whole lot more to responsive web design than just formatting your lines and column. You want to create the best possible experience for searchers so it’s important you design in a way that supports this.

Let’s take for example the post is about a tool you’ve created. It kind of makes sense to have the tool higher up on the post rather than farther down since it will normally take longer to scroll on mobile than it will be on the desktop.

Fifthly, make your website video compatible

Video, along with other multimedia contents are a significant part of your SEO strategy. You’ll, however, need to be wary of certain things when this has to do with your mobile website. Be sure it does not autoplay, and be judicious about where exactly you’ll place it. You don’t want to lose visitors leaving because of slow load times or getting irritated, or do you?

Six, speed up your web page

Your customers, like most other people, don’t have all the time in this world on their hands. You don’t want them bouncing back to the search results also. It’s therefore important that you speed up the page of your mobile web pages.

Seventh, track your progress with Google Analytics

It’s not enough that you put in all of these efforts without monitoring what changes and progress you’re making. Aside from using Google Analytics to track your site’s data, the “advanced segments” also allows you to see what device your visitors your visitors are using. You can, therefore, see what they do while on site, and see whether this aligns with your intent. It’s also easier to analyse the point at which they experience breakdowns so you can properly analyse that.

Final thoughts

Mobile optimisation is just one the many tactics that will help your SEO campaign achieve the needed results. It’s important that you outsource this to experienced experts to guarantee real results.

You can contact us here at Ameriam Marketing so we can analyse your current situation and discuss the many options before you. You’re in business to make sales and sustain growth. Whether you’re in this for the short or long term, we’ll be happy to help you achieve your business goals.

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