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SEO Mistakes

10 SEO Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Google Ranking

For small business owners like yourself, looking to be found in a competitive industry that you’re in, Search Engine Optimization is the best way of taking the fight to the big boys. If your website is on top of the search engine, more people will see you. But if your website isn’t ranking in Google […]

seo trends

2019 SEO Trends Business Owners Can’t Afford To Ignore

To be on top of your competitors and ensure that your business is on the right track, knowing the upcoming SEO trends is a must. This 2019, Google buzzed the online world with new updates and trends. As a result, marketers, and companies are expected to go in this direction and build new strategies. Search Engine […]

Digital Marketing Berwick

4 Digital Marketing Strategies for Businesses in Berwick

The digital marketing competition just got tougher for businesses in Berwick, Pakenham, and the surrounding suburbs. Business is becoming more digital and those who can’t keep up ultimately get left behind.   What should your small business be doing to get its own rightful share of the market? What should your digital marketing strategies look […]

Paid Advertising

3 Big Benefits of PPC for Small Businesses In 2019

Should your small business invest in PPC advertisement, or Paid Advertising, in this new year? Does this look like an investment that will pay off for your marketing campaign and bottom line in the long run? As someone who understands the importance of effective marketing to a successful business, these are questions you should be […]