Common SEO Mistakes


There are numerous changes made frequently to search engine algorithms. This can make the process of familiarizing yourself with the changes a daunting task. Good SEO practices are what guarantee high ranking and click backs. It is smart for a business or company to understand what they need to do and what needs to be avoided to make a SEO campaign a success.

Here are the five most common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them.

Failure to use proper keywords

A keyword is a phrase or word that is used by most internet users when searching for products and services online.

The keywords you use determine how fast your target audience finds your content. Search engines rank websites based on keywords queries by internet users. Failure to use the relevant keywords to your niche may deny your website the change to rank well on Google. In turn, your website does not generate the traffic needed to drive clients to your business.

To find relevant keywords in your niche, there are a few online resources you can use such as Adwords Keyword Research.

Building backlinks that are of low value

Link building is a very important aspect when it comes to online marketing. However, most people focus on creating too many links putting quantity ahead of quality. Low-value backlinks include website spammers and links places in irrelevant sites. Placing links everywhere may seem like a good way to drive traffic to a website but it can damage your website’s SEO. This is especially dangerous after the Google Penguin update.

Developing websites that can’t be indexed

Search engine result pages listings are directly pulled from huge web pages indexes. These are later analyzed based on different ranking algorithms. For a site to be indexed, it must be done by the search engine’s spider programs or robot. This robot analyzes the textual content of your website and stores it. This data can be displayed in future search queries. If the spider or robot fails to index your site accurately, the site will not attract the right kind of traffic when it ranks.

Overuse of images, flash animations and various coding elements like JavaScript are some of the things that can affect indexing if not done right.

Failure to update the site regularly

Having outdated content on your website is the easiest way to reduce the value of your website. This, in turn, reduces the number of return website guests and thus leads to decreased sales. Search engines are always looking for sites with fresh content. Also, creating new content for your site regularly introduces the use of new keywords which may potentially generate more traffic to your site. Fresh content also makes it possible for your site to be ranked under the freshness update by Google. Without regular updates, your website cannot rank well on search engines.

Less focus on site visitors

As much as site optimization is important, it is pointless without your visitors and clients. You need to ensure that your SEO practices work for your sites and your guests too. Bad SEO will undermine your content’s quality which will drive away readers. It is important to follow the right SEO practices that focus on delivering value to your readers.

The best way to ensure your site ranks well and that you avoid these costly SEO mistakes is by using the services of SEO Company. This is a service provider who will ensure that all SEO tools are used for the benefit of your website and your site visitors.

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