Content marketing and SEO

When it comes to search engine ranking, search engine optimization and content marketing go hand in hand. With good content, you attract links and thus rank highly. On the other hand, goof SEO ensures that your content drives traffic to your site. Therefore, SEO is supposed to be a major aspect of any content strategy. Producing valuable and unique content is the best way to ensure your site ranks well in search engine results and that it survives the ever-changing algorithms.

Here are success factors that can be used for content marketing and SEO

Choose quality before quantity

While site owners have expectations from writers when it comes to content volume, content quantity is not as important as the quality. One short article with useful information to the reader can have a greater impact on a website than a dozen long posts with poor quality. While it is important to cross-promote services or products on posts, the main focus for content should be for it to add value to the reader.

Writing original content

Writing well researched, original content is a very important factor in content marketing and SEO. Content that is original and engaging has the potential of setting you apart from competitors. It also gives your readers a reason to want to read your content and even refer it to others.

Google is always looking for unique and fresh content. For your site to always rank high on Google you need to keep your content original, unique and fresh.

Research on keywords

Before you set out to create your content, you need to think about your goal. What are you looking to rank? Are you aiming for awareness and traffic? Are you looking for leads from a specific audience? Doing a little research before you create your content can go a long way.

Tools you can take advantage of include:

Google trends – this can help with picking the right wordings for posts.

Google analytics – depending on the goal you want to achieve with your content, Google analytics tells you what has worked for similar projects in the past.

Keyword tools – these can go a long way in helping you with generating content ideas.

Measure results from your content

You should measure the results you get from content you create. Factors you can use to measure results include:

Traffic – while page views and visits are not everything for businesses today, they can give you an idea of what your target audience is interested in. It is also good to know whether or not people are actually interested in your content.

Page conversions – good content will translate into sales depending on the line of business you are in.

Engagement – time on page and bounce rates can also tell you how well your content is doing.

Content headlines

The headline you give your content is very important. You need headlines that are alluring, descriptive enough to give readers a reason to want to click on your link. Headings need to be written for the web. A heading should sell the article as much as possible. Relevant phrases and keywords will make it easy for readers to find your article and will also help to rank for the right audience.


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