SoLoMo – It’s Time Your Business Went SoLoMo!

SoLoMo simply stands for social + local + mobile marketing.

It’s been trending for some time now and considering its potential in today’s business world, it’s high time your business adopts the SoLoMo approach to marketing. You don’t want to get left behind, or do you?

Explaining the 3 Components of SoLoMo


So, before we go into details of what your business stands to gain from the SoLoMo revolution, perhaps we should discuss the three core components of this new trend in digital marketing.


The advent of Facebook and the other major social networks has really contributed to a significant change in our behaviors as the social animals that we are. Far from the good old days when consumers only had the brands as their major source of information, today’s consumers would rather get their info from friends and families or other people who’ve had an encounter and experience with the particular.

And now that the whole world is now easily connected, businesses now have to adapt to the changing atmosphere. It would interest you that a Sociable Labs social impact study found that about 62% of online shoppers read several product-related comments from their Friends’ Facebook pages.


More and more people are assessing the web for information relevant to their geographical location.

Even when people aren’t browsing the web with geo-modifiers, Google would usually rank local searches higher on results pages. In the US alone, more than 65 million people already access the web using mobile or location services.

There is a shift in the way people assess the web for businesses offering the service or selling the products they need. More and more people are searching for a particular business “near me” and if your business is not yet optimised for local visibility, you’re definitely missing a lot.


It should also interest you that mobile searches and interactions are also growing at a rate far higher than desktop sources. More and more people are accessing the web from their mobile devices and it is no doubt important that your business website and every other aspect of your activities are properly optimised for mobile.

Mobility has become a thing and your potential customers are most likely going to want to check out your services and offering through their phones and other mobile devices. You definitely won’t want to be left behind.

Harmonising your social, local, and mobile marketing strategies

With SoLoMo, businesses are able to customise their deals and offers for individual customers based on certain criteria. Your customers live in the social space and it’s no doubt important that you are exactly where that can visibly see you.

To harness the SoLoMo potential, you’ll have to get several things in place. This may start with optimising your local presence to make your business easily visible and reachable. Incorporate messaging into your activities and get people talking and engaged.

Incorporate videos into your activities as well to gain significant attention and approach every business and marketing strategy from a social, local, and mobile approach.

Here at Ameriam Marketing, we are fully dedicated to helping businesses in Pakenham, Berwick, Clyde, Beaconsfield, Officer, Cranbourne, Clyde, Narre Warren, Warragul, and beyond to unlock their growth potential. We’ll be ready to help you with your next SoLoMo project as well as every other aspect of your business’s digital marketing needs.

SoLoMo simply stands for social + local + mobile marketing.

If you ever have any questions about SoLoMo, and how it works, please feel free to reach out to Ameriam.Marketing. We’re always here to help. Feel free to schedule a consultation or contact us today.

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