SEO Tools That Will Improve Any Online Marketing Campaign

SEO Tools

For any project, the best way to work smart and fast is by having the right tool at your disposal. The same goes for SEO. The rights tools can make a huge difference to any online marketing strategy. With more than 1.2 billion websites, getting decent traffic to your site can be a challenge without the use of SEO tools.

There are numerous SEO tools online. Some of them are available for free while others are available as paid versions. These tools are for different uses and cover a wide range of SEO needs. They are also fast and very easy to use.

Here is a list of paid and free SEO tools you can consider using.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This is a free SEO tool that makes it possible for you to check your site’s usability on multiple devices. You simply enter your site’s URL and PageSpeed insight will test the performance and loading times for mobile devices and desktops. It will also identify ways through which you can improve. PageSpeed insights will also give your site a user experience score. It will grade your font size preference and tap targets.

Screaming frogs SEO Spider

This is a paid SEO A tool that goes for around $160. It is a licensed program that makes it possible for you to crawl website images, links, codes, and images with SEO focus. Data collected by this tool include Meta tags, redirects, in-links, out-links, headers, anchor texts as well as follow and no-follow links. With this tool, you can also generate XML sitemaps.


This is a free SEO tool that helps you to identify ideal keywords to use on your site content. It generates more than 700 keyword ideas for every keyword search. It is an easy to use tool with all the keyword predictions arranged in alphabetical order.


This is a paid SEO tool you can use at a monthly cost of between $79.95 and $149.95. This is a tool that focuses on competitor analysis. It also gives you position tracking, site audits and advertising insight among other details for paid or organic campaigns.  The overall report is very easy to interpret and it allows you to search any domain. With this tool, you can research on different strategies based on your competitor’s insight.

Google analytics

This is a free version tool that offers search insights and web stats. It tracks your site’s traffic and also handles keyword insights, this tool lets you know the phrases or keywords mostly used by your niche audience when searching for info online and also keywords used to land on your page.

Open site explorer

This is a paid version SEO tool. The cost ranges between $99 and $599 monthly. This is a good tool for site audits. It will give you speedy feedback about inbound links. With OSE, it is possible for you to filter by external or internal links, pages to target and also link type. The data you gather can be exported to a CSV which will help to analyze the data and forwarding to clients.

SERP rank checker

This is a free tool that makes it possible for you to see where your site ranks based on certain keywords. You can use this tool by either entering your keyword and your website to see where it lands or by entering just the keyword to get a top to bottom list of keyword results.

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