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You should be doing Local SEO!

So what is Local SEO? According to Google, 80% of users conduct online searches for businesses in their neighbourhoods.

As much as 50% of these people who search for local businesses online visit these stores within a day of their search. Google itself has committed more interest to local search in recent years and even when people are searching without a geo-modifier on their phones, local results are still much more likely to rank high on the SERPs.

By now, you shouldn’t be asking why your business needs local SEO, the right question should be one or more what your digital marketing campaign will look like from a localised perspective and how exactly you can get your business started to unlock this huge potential. We’ll briefly touch both of these to give you a clue of what benefits your business stands to gain from local SEO.

What is Local SEO?

While SEO in itself has to do with optimising your online properties for better visibility and higher ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), your local SEO strategy, on the other hand, will have to do with how you can optimise your online business pages to rank higher on local searches.

More and more people are looking unto the internet for business directories as well as reviews of local businesses within their neighbourhood. As a lawyer, barber, restaurant owner, or any other business operating within a particular locality, it’s high time you start taking advantage of this opportunity.

Getting started with Local SEO

Local SEO Pakenham

A lot of things will be involved in getting your digital marketing campaign to also incorporate a local SEO strategy. These can start from claiming your spot on the Google My Business page and optimising it. Optimising your business listing on Google will greatly enhance your chances of turning up when people in your locality are looking for services related to your business.

You’ll also have to understand the importance of citations, and how important it is for you to optimise your website for mobile due to the large percentage of local searches originating from mobile sources. You’ll need to localise your website’s content, garner enough positive reviews, and get yourself on as much business directories as possible.

Final thoughts

As we speak, there probably are a lot of potential customers searching the web for businesses similar to yours. If you are not showing up in your local search results, you’re gifting your competitors’ undue advantage.

While it can be hard to manage your local SEO and other digital marketing campaigns in-house, you can always find experienced and proven marketing agencies to help you achieve great results at a reasonable cost.

Your business needs to be where your customers are and that’s here at Ameriam.Marketing.

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